HF Security have over 17 years experience in high security areas, especially physical security and heavyweight products.

We integrate, supply and install state-of-art security cabins and side products for them. Read more about us

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HF Security - Over 17 Years of Excellence in High Security Solutions

Welcome to HF Security, your premier destination for state-of-the-art security solutions. With over 17 years of experience, we specialize in security cabins, revolving doors, turnstiles, and more. Whether you're looking for integrated services or individual products, we have you covered.

Our Experience and Expertise

With more than 17 years of expertise, HF Security is a trusted name in high security areas, especially in the realm of physical security and heavyweight products. Our robust, reliable product lineup is priced to fit your budget, increasing safety and reducing liability.

Our Products - Turnstiles, Entrance Gates, and Security Cabins

We take pride in integrating, supplying, and installing state-of-the-art security cabins and associated side products, designed specifically to meet the unique security needs of various high-risk environments. Turnstiles and entrance gates, essential for big offices and high security areas, come in different designs and can be customized to your application. Choose from robust and reliable solutions for outdoor applications, or high-end glass and marble finish for business offices. We have a solution for every demand.

Our Commitment

Our focus is on the design and development of custom solutions for access control and building protection, serving environments such as Airports, Harbours, Train Stations, Hospitals, Banks, Ministries, Prisons, Stadiums, and Power Plants. Security cabins, also known as mantraps, two-door systems, or security portals, are an ideal solution for sensitive areas of your application. These are often used where it is essential to be sure that only authorized people can enter restricted areas.

Award-Winning Service

In recognition of our significant growth and commitment to the job market, HF Security was named a Gazelle Company in 2017. This prestigious award is given to Estonian companies that have grown their turnover and profit by more than 50% over the past three years. Gazelle Companies are characterized by their flexibility, speed, and boldness, with only 1% of all Estonian companies receiving this award.

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